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Vendosoft Beratung gebrauchte Software Lizenzen

Successfully adviced

Is your company aspiring to move to the cloud? Then clear out your old software licences that are worth hard cash. We recommend selling them!

Riesiges Einsparpotential mit gebrauchten Software Lizenzen von Vendosoft

Cloud cost contribution

Selling old Microsoft licences to VENDOSOFT refinances companies up to 40% of the initial costs for Office 365.

Starkes Einsparpotential bei gebrauchten Software Lizenzen

Selling pays off

The sale of unused software is an enormous asset for companies – with lucrative margins for IT consultants.

Rechtskonforme Lizensierung von gebrauchten Software Lizenzen bei Vendosoft

Legal sales

VENDOSOFT provides comprehensive advice to ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled when trading used Software.

The VENDOSOFT cloud cost contribution

Sell used software to finance a new software purchase!

Save 41 %*
On purchase of Office 2019 Volume license, used Compared with Office 2019, new*
Save 63 %*
On Purchase of Office 2016 Volume license, used Compared with Office 2019, new*
Additional savings potential
from selling your used licenses**
Save 63 %*
On purchase of Office 2016 Volume license, used Compared with Office 2019*
Einsparpotential bei gebrauchte Lizenzen

* Office 2019 volume licence new includes a downgrade right for using previous versions.
** Purchase non-binding following enquiry regarding range of offers from VENDOSOFT GmbH
The above price comparisons refer to the VENDOSOFT price list as at Jan 2020.

Profit with the right software strategy

As an IT manager, you will know how hard it is to find a balance:
trying to keep your software up to date while keeping track of all licence rights, all within a tight budget.
Cloud architectures can spare you some of these issues.
But first of all, migration is cost- and resource-intensive.

Make use of the cloud cost contribution that VENDOSOFT can provide for your company:

Sell software licences you no longer need!!

We buy those Microsoft licences that become obsolete once you have switched to the cloud.
This will generally cover up to 40% of the initial cloud costs!

Cloud cost contribution

It’s so easy:

  • Analyse your old software inventory
  • Request a non-binding quote
  • Document and uninstall your software
    (VENDOSOFT will support you with this!)
  • Transfer old licences to VENDOSOFT

Free advice

VENDOSOFT buys used software
from Microsoft and Adobe.

VENDOSOFT kauft gebrauchte Software von Microsoft und Adobe
Range of products

Licensing consultation from the experts

Our Microsoft Licensing Professionals can provide skilled and discreet advice in the sale of used software.

Sell used software securely.

VENDOSOFT is a Microsoft Solution Partner. With us on your side, you will receive the best possible advice on licensing issues when you make use of the cloud cost contribution!

Free consultation by phone on +49.8143.996 94-0

Contact us today.

We are here to consult you about new and used software.
Personal and professional.
Persönlich und kompetent.

Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, no private individuals!

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