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Hybrid cloud solutions from Microsoft.
The perfect combination for businesses.

When it comes to digitisation, the cloud products from Microsoft are a real blessing. They make it easier to give modern workstations remote access to all mobile devices and provide maximum protection for internal company data.

Despite all its advantages, however, a cloud architecture on its own might not provide the right licensing for every organisation. Software procurement is based on what a business needs and its medium-term orientation. And this includes the cost specifications. As a result, state-of-the-art technology is not always the best possible choice!
In fact, a more practical alternative is often a hybrid cloud solution – a combination of cloud and on-premises software.

Microsoft Solution Partner VENDOSOFT can advise you on the best IT infrastructure to suit your needs. Our licensing strategists will find out quickly and free of charge whether this will mean new, used, cloud or hybrid cloud.

Microsoft Cloud consulting

When do hybrid software solutions make sense?

  • If most workstations are stationary
  • If you want to take full advantage of both cloud and on-premises
  • If redundancy is of importance
  • When replacing out-of-date hardware and software
  • If sensitive data is to be kept inside the company

Hybrid solutions in numbers

The reasons for using hybrid software architectures are diverse and highly individual, depending on the company, sector, workforce structure and strategic alignment.

For this reason, you should request an example calculation. VENDOSOFT’s licensing experts will show you the advantages of a hybrid architecture and find the best and most cost-effective model for you!

Calculation example for hybrid cloud

Tailored licensing consultation

As a Microsoft Solution Partner, VENDOSOFT provides consultation for companies, organisations and public authorities on all matters relating to licensing from the vendor.
We do not, however, focus our attention on the cloud. What matters more are your preferences, requirements and options.
The result: the best and most cost-effective solution for you.

Together, we will find the optimum licensing for your company!

Hybride Cloud - die Spezialisten von Vendosoft beraten Sie gern

Examples of hybrid cloud architectures

Do you prefer to not completely change over to cloud solutions, in order to avoid unnecessary costs?
Is new server hardware necessary for your company, but you’re worried about the costs?

VENDOSOFT cloud expert Alexander Dengler answers questions like these every day. He recommends the hybrid cloud – wherever this makes sense.
Hybride Cloud solutions

This could be combinations of an Exchange Online Plan with used Microsoft Office licences (instead of new hardware and/or expensive software rental).

It could also be Microsoft 365 with an integrated Windows 10 operating system. A Windows 7 licence is required as a basis, obtainable from VENDOSOFT at low costs as used on-premises software.

Additional examples of a hybrid cloud are shown below.

Hybride Cloud -

Refinance your IT investments –
with software you no longer use!

Is your company planning to work with hybrid software solutions in future?
Then we are the partner you need for consultation and migration.
At the same time, we’ll put together a quotation for the on-premises licences that the cloud products will be replacing. We will then buy them up and sell them on the market for used software – legally and with the required statutory documentation.

Surplus software can refinance a considerable portion of the incurred cloud costs.
Don’t let this potential go to waste!

Refinancing the cloud

Contact us today.

We are here to provide all the information you need to sell used software.
Personal and professional.

Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, not private individuals!

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