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Microsoft Office/Visio/Project 2019 Installation

Installation instructions for Office 2019, Visio 2019 and Project 2019

Microsoft changed the installation procedure with the product version 2019 of its Desktop applications.

Instead of an ISO-File, like with the previous versions, the installation is now accomplished with the Office deployment tool and an XML-File, which defines the installations parameters.

To simplify this procedure, we deliver a setup file together with your license documents. This automates the installation with the most common settings.

If you want to install your product with customized settings, you can also perform a manual installation. Proceed here for as described in the following instructions, which are based on the Microsoft information, which you can find here:

Step 1

Create your configuration file with the Microsoft Office-Customization-Tool, which you can find here:

Once you have completed the wizard, click on „export“ in the top right corner, accept the license agreement and enter the file name „configuration“.

Step 2

Download the latest version of the Office Deployment Tool from:

Step 3

Execute the File and extract it to a preferred Folder.

Step 4

After the extraction, you can find three sample .xml files.

You can delete all of them.

Move the configuration.xml file, which you have downloaded in step 1, to this folder.

Step 5

Open an elevated command prompt.

Step 6

Navigate to the path of the folder, in which you have placed the setup file.

>>cd C:\[YourFolderpath]

Step 7

Execute the following command:

>>setup /download configuration.xml

If you receive an errorcode „1007“ make sure that „“ and „“ are not blocked by your Firewall.

Step 8

Your cursor should now be blinking, which means, that your Office Suite is getting downloaded.

Once your download has completed, the cursor jumps to the next line. Depending on your Internet connection, this can take up to one hour.

Step 9

When the command prompt is ready for a new input, enter the following:

>>setup /configure configuration.xml

Step 10

Office is now installing.

You will get notified when the installation is completed.

Afterwards you may have to activate your product.

Usually you will get asked to enter your product key on the first startup of any Office application (for example Word). Otherwise, please enter it manually by clicking on “File” – “Account” – “Change Product Key”


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