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Used software offers savings potential for companies

15. March 2018

Discover the savings potential of used software

No company can get around using software. From word processing to graphic design programs to complex server systems – the need for simple and specialised software just keeps growing. This is associated with high costs, since many software manufacturers continuously increase their prices. It is therefore not surprising that more and more companies are discovering the savings potential of used software licenses. What is the legal background? What do companies, government agencies and associations need to be aware of when purchasing used software?

Decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union: Trade in used software licenses is permitted

If someone buys a car, they can sell it at any time on the used market without encountering legal issues. This is due to the principle of exhaustion, according to which the rights holder cedes his claim to an object as soon as he sells it to third parties. Until a few years ago, this principle did not officially apply to the software market.

For a long time, trade in used software or software licenses fell within a legal grey zone. Since 2012, however, there has been clarity: The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in a landmark decision that trading in licenses is legal. In 2013, this decision was confirmed by the German Federal Supreme Court of Justice.

The advantages of used software

This meant that the acquisition and the sale of used software were ruled legal. Software developers like Microsoft are still reluctant to embrace this development. It provides companies with an enormous savings potential, however. The most powerful argument for the purchase of used licenses is actually the cost – at VENDOSOFT GmbH these licenses can cost up to 70% less than the original price (depending on the version). Software never wears out and its functionality remains the same when resold. Depending on the license acquired, even services such as regular updates and patches are transferred to the second buyer. As a result, used software remains up-to-date and is in no way inferior to new licenses. On the other hand, newer versions are not always better in terms of design and are often poorly conceived. This is an area where you can save money – on the licenses themselves and in savings on employee training. In addition, VENDOSOFT offers to buy up the software you no longer need (e.g. in the event of a merger, consolidation or over-licensing).

Beware dubious used software dealers

Since the ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union, the market for used software has grown consistently. This makes it all the more important for companies to turn to specialist dealers. This is because market platforms such as eBay or Amazon carry the risk of illegally acquired software. Used software licenses are significantly less expensive than new, however caution is advised in the case of dumping prices!

As a dealer for used software, VENDOSOFT offers license consulting by certified Microsoft Licensing Professionals.
Our employees provide consulting in a manner that is manufacturer-compliant and will be at your side even in the event of audits (e.g. by Microsoft).

By cooperating with a certified public accountant firm, VENDOSOFT also ensures full transparency in the supply chain and the destruction of licenses by the first buyer as required by law.


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