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Plan, control and monitor your projects with an MS Project licence

Microsoft Project, also known simply as Project, is a project management software developed by Microsoft. It is used to plan, track and manage projects of all sizes. Project is renowned for its user-friendly interface, despite being a complex program with a wealth of features.
At VENDOSOFT you can purchase pre-owned Microsoft Project licences in both the Standard and Professional Editions.

Features and scope of the Microsoft Project licence

Microsoft Project is a powerful project management tool with a wide range of features. These include:
  • Planning: Microsoft Project allows you to create project plans that include tasks, resources and dependencies. You can also set deadlines, allocate costs and track progress.
  • Tracking: Microsoft Project allows you to track if your project is progressing according to plan. You can see which tasks are on time, which are behind schedule and which are in danger of being delayed.
  • Management: Microsoft Project is your tool of choice for managing project resources. You can track your resource planning and make sure you have the right resources to complete your tasks.
  • Reporting: Microsoft Project can generate a wide range of reports for your project, including status reports, budget reports and resource reports.
Scope of Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project is the software of choice for a wide range of businesses and organisations:
  • Construction Firms: Construction projects are planned, tracked and managed using Microsoft Project.
  • Manufacturers: New products are developed and manufactured using Microsoft Project.
  • IT Firms: Microsoft Project is used to develop and implement new software applications.
  • NGOs: Microsoft Project is used to plan and implement projects in the non-profit sector.
  • Government Agencies: Microsoft Project is used to plan and manage projects in the public sector.
Benefits of using Microsoft Project
There are a number of benefits to using Microsoft Project, including
  • Increased productivity: Microsoft Project can help you plan, track and manage your projects more effectively. Setting realistic goals can have a positive impact on your project team's productivity.
  • Reduced costs: Microsoft Project can help you identify and avoid potential problems. This can save you money.
  • Improved communication: Microsoft Project can help you communicate your project plans and progress to others. This can improve working together and reduce misunderstandings.
  • Improved decision-making: Microsoft Project can give you insight into how your project is progressing. This can help you make decisions.
Overall, Microsoft Project is a powerful and versatile project management tool that can be used for projects of any size.

Microsoft Project licences: The different Editions

Microsoft Project is available in two Editions: Standard and Professional. Both Editions have all the key project management tools you need, but they differ in scope and features.
Microsoft Project Standard is designed for smaller teams or organisations that need a basic project management solution. The software includes features for planning, scheduling, progress tracking and reporting.
The key features of Microsoft Project Standard:
  • Task management: Create, organise and manage tasks with start and finish dates, dependencies and resource planning.
  • Gantt charts: Visualise project plans using Gantt charts. Track progress over time and identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Manage resources: Assign resources to tasks, track resource availability and analyse resource utilisation.
  • Reports: Generate a range of reports to track project progress, analyse costs and monitor resource utilisation.
A Microsoft Project Professional licence extends the functionality of the Standard licence with additional resource management features and integration with Microsoft Project Server. It is suitable for larger organisations or projects requiring complex resources.
The key features of Microsoft Project Professional:
  • Advanced resource management: Create and manage resource pools, track resource availability across multiple projects and optimise resource allocation.
  • Project Server integration: Synchronise project data with Project Server for centralised, cross-team project management and enterprise-level reporting.
  • Time sheet management: Record and manage employee timesheets, compare actual/scheduled hours and analyse labour costs.
  • Billing and expenses: Manage project invoices and expenses, track costs and generate invoices.
VENDOSOFT offers MS Project licences for purchase for all versions from Microsoft Project 2010 to Project 2021.
- Microsoft Project 2021 Professional and Standard
- Microsoft Project 2019 Professional and Standard
- Microsoft Project 2016 Professional and Standard
- Microsoft Project 2013 Standard
- Microsoft Project 2010 Standard
Contact our Microsoft Licensing Professionals to find out which license is right for your business.

Purchase a pre-owned MS Project licence from VENDOSOFT

There are a number of reasons why you should purchase a pre-owned Microsoft Project licence:
  • Cost savings: Pre-owned software is usually a lot less expensive than new software. Allowing you to save up to 70 % or more.
  • Flexibility: Pre-owned licences can be a great way to add flexibility to your IT infrastructure. You can purchase the exact licences you need today, then upgrade or customise them later as your requirements change.
  • Sustainability: Pre-owned software is a more sustainable choice than new software.
VENDOSOFT is an authorised reseller and official Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our licensing consultants are available to assist you at any time before and after your purchase. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about licensing in person.
Whenever you order from us, you receive:
  • Vendor-compliant & audit-ready licences
  • Notice of termination for the transfer of user rights
  • Software download (within 5 minutes)
  • Volume licence key for activation
  • Confirmation of legal purchase by the auditing firm Stümpges & Partner (for orders over 3,500 euro)
  • Free audit support