Exchange Server CALs

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Microsoft Exchange Server CAL: Access licences to help you communicate and work together more effectively

Have you already purchased a Microsoft Exchange Server to help you keep your business email more effective and efficient? Then once you have the right Exchange Server CALs (Client Access Licence), you are all set! You just need to make sure you have the server software too. This access licence is your key to accessing all the Exchange Server features!

You have two Editions to choose from: Standard and Enterprise.

There are two different Editions of Exchange Server CAL from Microsoft.
- Microsoft Exchange Server CAL – Standard:
The Standard Edition is perfect for anyone looking to access standard Exchange Server features.
- Microsoft Exchange CAL – Enterprise:
The Enterprise Edition offers you a whole range of extended features. It offers extended archiving for emails, enhanced security against viruses, improved data loss prevention and a telephone integration option thanks to unified messaging.
Both CAL Editions can be used on both the Standard & Enterprise Exchange Server. You just need to note that you need a Standard CAL when using the Enterprise CAL.

Exchange Server CAL: Licensing by user or device

There are two licensing methods.
User CAL (Client Access Licence): If you license an Exchange Server with User CALs, each user gets their own access rights per User CAL. The employee can then access MS Exchange Server services like emails, addresses, tasks, contacts, calendars, regardless of the device (PC, smartphone, tablet) they use.
Device CAL (Client Access Licence): The Device CAL, in contrast, licenses a specific device. This licence is valid regardless of the number of users. This model is for perfect when several employees share a device/PC. This licence cannot be accessed from a smartphone in addition however. In that case, a new licence is required.

Microsoft Exchange Server CALs: Purchase pre-owned from VENDOSOFT

You can purchase a pre-owned Exchange Server CAL from our shop without compromising on features and performance. You can also purchase pre-owned licences for Microsoft Exchange Server and all other popular software products from Microsoft and Adobe.
The advantages for you:
- Save on IT costs with affordable Exchange Server CALs
- Download your licence instantly and conveniently from the shop portal
- Guaranteed to comply with the vendor's requirements
- Ready to use straight away
- Free auditor confirmation (for orders over 3,500 €).

Purchase Microsoft Exchange Server CAL licences: Pre-owned from VENDOSOFT

To save costs, we recommend purchasing a pre-owned Exchange Server CAL. Pre-owned software shows no signs of use making it fully functional. Put us to the test and try our software today!
VENDOSOFT is an authorised reseller and official Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our licensing consultants are available to assist you at any time before and after your purchase. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Microsoft licensing in person.