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VENDOSOFT provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about used software in commercial use.

  • Does the software vendor have to agree to the sale of used software to VENDOSOFT?
    No. According to the ruling of the German Federal Court of Justice, the respective vendor’s consent to the sale of used software licences is not required. Accordingly, the vendor’s copyright is exhausted on the first sale of its software copies in the EU. You can find further legal provisions on dealing in used software in a lawful and vendor-compliant manner HERE.
  • Are there any downsides to buying used software compared to buying new?
    Not at VENDOSOFT. Unlike hardware, software doesn’t suffer from material wear and tear, meaning that used licences don’t differ from new ones in functional terms. Thus, there are no downsides to the buyer compared to buying new. On the contrary: many software versions that are still in use in companies, public authorities etc. are no longer available as new. In this case, the secondary market for software is the only option for getting hold of them. The purchase of used software via VENDOSOFT is lawful and vendor-compliant. It represents an extremely cost-effective alternative to buying new computer programs – with savings potential of up to 70%. Read more information and find all the benefits HERE.
  • Can I update used software?
    Yes. In this respect, there is no difference to new software. Even as a secondary purchaser, you can continue to obtain updates from the respective vendor with an update-compatible used software licence.
  • In which countries can used software be sold?
    According to the ruling of the European Court of Justice of 3 July 2012, dealing in used software is permitted in all countries of the EU or the European Economic Area. You can find further legal provisions on dealing in used software in a lawful and vendor-compliant manner HERE.
  • Is there a volume discount for volume licensing?
    Yes, VENDOSOFT grants discounts on large volumes of used software licences. Request your tailor-made offer right away and ask us about the volume discount! Learn more about the advantages of used Microsoft volume licences.
  • Will I receive data media, manual etc. if I opt for volume licensing?
    VENDOSOFT delivers your volume licences including data media and licence folder. There are no additional costs for this. Find out more about the advantages of used Microsoft volume licences from VENDOSOFT.
  • Does VENDOSOFT also buy and sell from/to private individuals?
    Unfortunately not. VENDOSOFT only buys used software licences that have been used commercially and sells them exclusively to commercial companies, associations, clubs, public authorities as well as to social and healthcare institutions.
  • What is the VENDOSOFT buy-back guarantee?
    The VENDOSOFT buy-back guarantee offers you the option to return the used software purchased from us within three years of the date of purchase. Depending on your wishes, we’ll take back part or all of the software – at a price agreed at the time of purchase. You can find further information HERE. Talk to our Microsoft Licensing Professionals about the VENDOSOFT buy-back guarantee when you inquire about new or used software!
  • Is there a secondary usage right for used Adobe licences?
    As a purchaser of Adobe software, you acquire the right to use the software in accordance with the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). Therefore, please refer to your EULA for comprehensive and up-to-date details on the secondary usage right for used Adobe licences. In summary: as a primary user of a single-user or volume licence of Adobe installed on a desktop computer, you may also use the software on a second computer on the same platform (Mac/Windows operating system) or on a laptop. However, you mustn’t run the software on both computers at the same time. Ask the licensing professionals at VENDOSOFT about used software from Adobe! Get in touch via the contact form. You can find our Adobe Cloud solutions here.
  • Can I use Adobe software on different platforms?
    Unfortunately not. Adobe develops software for different platforms (e.g. Mac OS, Windows, Linux) and sells them as separate products. If you want to use Adobe software on different platforms, you must purchase a licence for each platform. The serial number of an Adobe product for one platform cannot be used for the same product for another platform. Ask the licensing professionals at VENDOSOFT about using used Adobe licences! Get in touch via the contact form. You can find our Adobe Cloud solutions here.

§ Case law on dealing in used software

Since a landmark ruling by the ECJ on the legality of buying and selling computer programs second-hand,
further court decisions legitimising the practice have followed.

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