Windows Server licences

Microsoft Windows Server licences: For a professional server operating system

Windows Server can be found at the heart of many businesses and organisations. The features offered by leading software vendor Microsoft, are pretty much indispensable for a secure and stable IT infrastructure. Microsoft Windows Server is a powerful and reliable platform for efficiently managing your IT infrastructure. It offers a wide range of features to securely storing, managing and sharing your sensitive data.

Windows Server licences: Versatile to suit your needs

Choose the version of Windows operating system that best suits your organisation. Microsoft has been releasing new operating systems since 2012, each with different levels of up-to-dateness and features.
VENDOSOFT offers the following products:
- Windows Server 2022
  • The latest on-premises Windows Server licence from Microsoft
  • Better server hardware possible (supports 48TB of memory, 2,048 cores running on 64 physical sockets)
  • Increased storage capacity with faster write speeds
  • • Enhanced security (hypervisor-based code integrity, core server, hardware-based stack protection)
  • Improved platform flexibility (simplified containerisation)
- Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Admin Centre as a new management tool without reliance on Azure or the cloud
  • Windows Defender to reduce risk
  • Hyper-V containers for improved container flexibility
  • Enhancement for shielded virtual machines
- Windows Server 2016
  • Innovation with Nano Server
  • Hyper-V shielded VM on Windows Server 2016
- Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server 2012 is still available for purchase and is still fully functional, but vendor support ended in October 2023).
Please note that the appropriate access licences (CALs) need to be purchased to be able to access the server operating systems. You will be denied access to your Windows server without the correct CAL license (single user or device).

Windows Server licensing

Microsoft Windows Server can be deployed in a cloud-based or hardware-based infrastructure. To properly license a Standard, Datacenter or Enterprise Server instance, organisations need the appropriate licences. The number of cores to be licensed can be calculated using our licence configurator. The number of physical processors and the number of active cores per processor are critical here. You must also take into account the maximum number of physical or virtual Windows Server instances running concurrently on a host. If you have any questions about legally compliant licensing, feel free to contact our license experts at any time.

Advantages of Microsoft Windows Server

  • Extremely stable and reliable (minimal downtime)
  • User-friendly (simple and intuitive Windows Server interface; easy administration and configuration)
  • Works seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or SQL Server
  • Introduction to the power of Active Directory
  • Easy and flexible scalability to meet growing needs
  • A suite of programs, including Windows Defender, BitLocker, Credential Guard and Device Guard, provide security features.
  • Support for Hyper-V virtualisation (allowing virtual machines to access physical servers)

Microsoft Windows Server licenses: Purchase pre-owned from VENDOSOFT

If you are looking for a cost effective solution to your Microsoft Windows Server licensing needs, pre-owned software licences from VENDOSOFT are a great option. Our software licences are certified for legal compliance and sourced from the European Economic Area. In this way, we can guarantee all our customers vendor-compliant and audit-proof licences.
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