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A surprisingly cheap route to the Microsoft Cloud:
sell your old software licences!

Are Microsoft Cloud solutions a topic in your company?
Then hopefully you’ll realise that the new software subscriptions free up your previous on-premise licences.

These software assets are worth hard cash – typically around 40% of the cloud costs incurred in the first year!

Don’t ignore this potential and remember: you can use your disused software to finance IT acquisitions such as going into the cloud!

Sell used software – finance cloud projects

Vendosoft Beratung gebrauchte Software Lizenzen

The advice you need

Is your company moving to the cloud? If so, software licences that are worth hard cash will be freed up. We recommend selling them!

Riesiges Einsparpotential mit gebrauchten Software Lizenzen von Vendosoft

Cloud cost bonus

Funding the cloud: selling old Microsoft licences to VENDOSOFT saves up to 40% of the initial costs for MS 365.

Riesiges Einsparpotential mit gebrauchten Software Lizenzen von Vendosoft

It’s worth selling them

Companies have huge assets in terms of the sale of unused software – VENDOSOFT offers you the best purchase prices.

Rechtskonforme Lizensierung von gebrauchten Software Lizenzen bei Vendosoft

Sell legally

We provide legal advice and meet the legal requirements for your sale and our resale of your software.

Top up your IT budget now

Sell your old software inventory to VENDOSOFT!

VENDOSOFT kauft Ihre alten Software-Bestände

Information on the legally compliant
sale of used software licences:

1. What can be sold?
In a nutshell, software must have been originally marketed within the European Economic Area, then it can be legally resold in the EU. The Microsoft Licensing Professionals from VENDOSOFT assess free of charge whether your licences meet all the requirements for resale.

2. How does the sales process work?
An auditor verifies the entire sales process for VENDOSOFT and checks the legality and supply-chain compliance of the software you’re offering to sell. VENDOSOFT provides you with all the necessary documents for the sale, including the declaration of destruction.

3. Transfer of licence rights and payment
Once the licences have been uninstalled from your computers and this has been verified by the auditor, the agreed repurchase amount will be paid out. The original data media are handed over to VENDOSOFT. The licence rights are thus transferred to the reseller and can be transferred from us to the second buyer.

How about financing the cloud by selling old software?

VENDOSOFT is a Microsoft Solutions Partner and Europe-wide dealer of used Microsoft and Adobe licences.

We buy your operating systems, office applications, servers and access licences. Let our Microsoft Licensing Professionals advise you free of charge!

Phone: +49 8143 996940

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“Our Office 2016 Standard was
worth €62 to VENDOSOFT!”

Offer to sell software

VENDOSOFT currently pays €50
for Exchange Server 2013 Standard!”

Offer to sell software

“Sell Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade
LTSB 2016 now for €9!”“

Offer to sell software

Contact us today.

We are here to provide all the information you need to sell used software.
Personal and professional.

Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, not private individuals!

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