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Activate idle capital:
sell used software – on optimum terms

Software makes up a significant part of a company’s assets. Unused software often ends up unnecessarily idle in the event of staff reductions, system changes or the discontinuation of business areas. Companies can sell these used licences – a service that VENDOSOFT GmbH manages by buying your old Microsoft and Adobe licences.

Selling used software frees up financial resources for your company, for example, for the purchase of newer program versions. Combined with the simultaneous purchase of second-hand licences from VENDOSOFT GmbH, the opportunities for savings are huge!

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Verkaufen Sie gebrauchte Software-Lizenzen an VENDOSOFT

Three examples of the purchase
of used Microsoft licences by VENDOSOFT

Gebrauchte Software verkaufen Preisvergleich

All prices net of VAT. | * Estimated purchase price trend

Don’t waste any time. Sell now!

You can find out what your different
Microsoft Server, operating systems and office applications versions
are (still) worth by using the

€100,000 from old stock – the success story of the Glöckle Group

Sell used software case study

Four reasons to sell used software:

The motivations for companies approaching VENDOSOFT to sell software licences tend to include:

  • Too many Microsoft licences
  • Wanting to convert assets into cash and cash equivalents
  • Cloud migration is on its way, on-premises licences become obsolete
  • Streamlining licence management by dissolving software assets

Refinancing your cloud through software sales

Lawfully selling used software licences –
the most important facts in brief:

1. What can be sold?
In a nutshell, software must have been originally marketed within the European Economic Area, then it can be legally resold in the EU. The Microsoft Licensing Professionals from VENDOSOFT assess free of charge whether your licences meet all the requirements for resale.

2. How does the sales process work?
An auditor verifies the entire sales process for VENDOSOFT and checks the legality and supply-chain compliance of the software you’re offering to sell. VENDOSOFT provides you with all the necessary documents for the sale, including the declaration of destruction.

3. Transfer of licence rights and payment
Once the licences have been uninstalled from your computers and this has been verified by the auditor, the agreed repurchase amount will be paid out. The original data media are handed over to VENDOSOFT. The licence rights are thus transferred to the reseller and can be transferred from us to the second buyer.

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    Why should companies use pre-owned licences and hybrid models?

    A key aspect is that companies save up to 85%. The savings potential results from the lower acquisition costs for second-hand licences as well as the high scalability and lower maintenance costs.

    Where do used licences come from?

    Companies can sell used software licences that are no longer required, for example due to a system change. Dealers such as VENDOSOFT GmbH buy and sell these licences in a legally compliant manner.

    Who are used software licences practical for?

    Companies that don’t need the latest software version can buy “older”, used licences. Software doesn’t wear out and so users can take advantage of all updates, rights and support – as well as savings of up to 90% compared to a new purchase.

    Is buying used licences allowed – is it legal?

    Yes, the purchase and sale of used software licences is legal according to the judgment of the European Court of Justice of 3 July 2012 and the confirmation of this judgment by the German Federal Court of Justice in July 2013. Make sure you only buy from reputable used software dealers who handle the purchase process in a legally compliant manner.

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