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VENDOSOFT offers peace of mind during a licence audit

As companies expand, their IT assets naturally grow. Without precise software asset management, it’s easy to lose track of what’s correctly licensed.

A degree of caution is needed here! This is because a company will have to pay fees to the vendor for any unlawful use of the computer programs if a licence audit detects improper licensing (sublicensing).

You should therefore get VENDOSOFT involved before an upcoming licence audit!
We analyse your inventories and reconcile any deficits – used software enables us to do so cost-effectively and in compliance with vendor requirements.

Don’t know

2/3 of all companies have already been asked to undergo a licence audit.
Figures in percent. Source: Gartner

Software vendors conduct audits of their customers at random intervals.

Audit emergency hotline

Are you worried about a vendor audit?

You needn’t be! We’ll explain the classic procedure of licence audits,
the potential consequences for your company and what measures you should take in the short and medium term.

Important: act now to take timely preventative action!
VENDOSOFT offers you predictive licence audits in this context – only you will know the outcome.
If we identify any sublicensing in your Microsoft and Adobe assets,
we help you to reconcile this with new and used software in a quick, uncomplicated and extremely cost-effective manner.

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Hire VENDOSOFT to perform a
licence audit

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at your door!

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Optimal advice from certified
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We are here to provide all the information you need to sell used software.
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Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, not private individuals!

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