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Microsoft Cloud
for a modern workplace

An unprecedented level of convenience and security can be achieved in the provision of IT services with the Microsoft Cloud. With services such as Exchange Online, Microsoft 365 makes it easier for administrators to set up and manage modern workplaces and enables all mobile devices to access files and applications – all while providing the best possible protection for internal company data.

With the integrated Intune management solution, images can be configured for laptops, PCs and other devices in advance and loaded automatically when the device is started up. It couldn’t be simpler!

Whether it’s fluctuations in workforce numbers or sudden exponential growth, companies can respond with extreme flexibility thanks to the highly scalable cloud architecture.

Microsoft Solution Partner VENDOSOFT can advise you on the most appropriate application to suit your needs. We can also point out ways for you to refinance your cloud costs!

Microsoft Cloud consulting

When does it make sense to use the cloud?

  • If mobile work places are needed
  • If workforce numbers fluctuate substantially
  • To reduce costs for IT procurement and maintenance
  • If a high level of availability is desired
  • If maximum flexibility should be retained

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

When does it not make sense to use the cloud?

  • If licensing costs are to be kept low
  • If internet availability is insufficient
  • If sensitive data & systems need to be protected
  • If full use of your IT potential is wanted
  • If you wish to monitor all workstations

Hybrid solutions Cost-efficient on-premises software

Microsoft Cloud solutions

Exchange Online Plan 1
Exchange Online Plan 2
M365 Business Standard bei VENDOSOFT
M365 Apps for Enterprise  bei VENDOSOFT
Office 365 Enterprise E3 bei VENDOSOFT
Office 365 Enterprise E5 bei VENDOSOFT
M365 Enterprise E3 bei VENDOSOFT
M365 Enterprise E5 bei VENDOSOFT

The Experts for Microsoft Cloud

VENDOSOFT is a Microsoft Solution Partner for the areas Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Cloud Productivity.

This status covers the testing of Microsoft 365 Identity and Services. Furthermore, 4,000 active authorisations for Office 365 are to be provided within 12 months. This includes services such as Exchange Online and Teams.

At VENDOSOFT licensing strategists like Alexander Dengler (l.) and Alexander Kreitner provide consulting for the configuration and management of Office 365 and all security matters.

The Microsoft 365 plans compared

Selecting which Microsoft Cloud products are best suited to your company involves choosing between the categories ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’.

The following overviews demonstrate the services that each category includes:

The Microsoft 365 plans compared

It is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises that are best suited to the Microsoft ‘Business’ plans. These plans contain basic functions, which can be fitted with add-ons as required.

The Microsoft 365 plans compared

The Microsoft ‘Enterprise’ plans are aimed at large companies and company groups. They are designed for 250+ employees and include advanced functions – such as functions for management and security.

For many companies the time has come to migrate away from old Exchange Servers. An Exchange Online Plan can be more favorable than on-premises licences and new hardware.
Alexander Dengler, Microsoft Licensing Professional & Cloud Expert

Licensing consultation

Alexander Dengler, Microsoft Licensing Professional & Cloud - Microsoft Cloud Consutation by Vendosoft

Refinance 40% of your cloud costs –
with software you no longer use!

Is your company planning to adopt cloud computing in future? Then we are the partner you need for consultation and migration. At the same time, we’ll put together a quotation for your previous on-premises licences. We will then buy them up and sell them on the market for used software.
This will, of course, be legally compliant and include all the required documentation.

Used software can refinance up to 40% of your initial cloud costs.
Don’t let this potential go to waste!

Refinance your cloud costs

Contact us today.

We are here to provide all the information you need to sell used software.
Personal and professional.

Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, not private individuals!

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