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Optimal management of IT assets –

As companies expand, their IT assets naturally expand as well. Software Asset Management (SAM) is a recognised and useful process for managing and optimising IT inventories.
It ensures ongoing cost control and minimises your business risks in the IT area.

VENDOSOFT offers professional Software Asset Management – for sustainably structuring your existing software investments.

If we determine that there is under-licensing, you can correct deficits in your licensing in a cost effective manner with used software. In the case of over-licensing, we will offer to purchase your surplus software on the best terms.

From a certain company size, professional SAM is indispensable.
Joyce Studier, Microsoft SAM Professional
& Microsoft Licensing Professional

Software Asset Management


    Benefits to Software Asset Management:

  • Objective data collection
  • An overview of all of the software in the company
  • Preventative measures prior to software audits
  • Revealing compliance issues
  • Detection of unused software licenses (over-licensing)

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VENDOSOFT optimises your software inventories

By performing a seamless inventory, we can help you to identify the programs used individually on every computer workstation in your company. In particular, we check that you are sufficiently licensed and that the software assets in your company are being used efficiently. We will re-structure and re-organise your entire stock of existing software licenses and documents.

With SAM, you introduce new standards and guidelines for the various phases of the software life cycle in your company. VENDOSOFT helps you to implement this plan by means of spot checks, inventory and employee training.

Ask about Software Asset Management from VENDOSOFT: +49.8143.99694-0!

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