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& used software at low cost


Your Microsoft Partner for
cost-efficient licensing.


We provide legal-compliant
licensing to companies.


Vendosoft Beratung gebrauchte Software Lizenzen

Over 4000 clients

VENDOSOFT is trusted reseller for purchasing and selling used software.

Save up to 70%

Companies relying on used software profit from its hugh possible savings.

Legally compliant

We ensure legal-compliant licensing – confirmed by the auditor.

Customer security

We supply all documents required for transferring your right of use.

Cut completely unnecessary IT expenses!

Used software saves companies a great deal of money

Save* 0%

Vendosoft price for Office 2019
Volume license, new

Save* 41%

when purchasing used Office 2019
volume licenses compared to new
copies of Office 2019*

Save* 63%

when purchasing used Office 2016
volume licenses compared to new
copies of Office 2019*

Save* 76%

when purchasing used Office 2013
volume licenses compared to new
copies of Office 2019*

Save* 90%

when purchasing used Office 2010
volume licenses compared to a new
copies of Office 2019*

*New Office 2019 volume licenses include a downgrade option for the use of previous versions.
The aforementioned price comparisons refer to the VENDOSOFT price list (01.01.2019)

Software never wears out.

When purchasing used software licenses, companies receive
all the same features and rights as the original purchaser. 

Unlike other types of used goods, there is no wear and tear to software as a result of use.
At half the price you receive powerful, mint condition software – with the right to download updates from the publisher!
What is holding you back from dramatically reducing your IT expenses?

Send with each delivery

  • Publisher-compliant software licenses
  • Bill of sale & invoice
  • Auditor’s confirmation
    (cost-free from goods’ value > 3500 €)
  • Installation disk &
    volume license key

Order now

VENDOSOFT delivers quickly and reliably new and used software.


Range of products

Professional licensing consultancy

VENDOSOFT’s certified Microsoft Licensing Professionals consult on:

  • Purchasing and sale of new and used Microsoft licenses
  • Leasing models such as cloud-based Microsoft Office 365
  • Savings potential of second hand software licenses
  • Cost-efficient use of on-premise Adobe software
  • Refinancing by selling unused software to VENDOSOFT
  • Microsoft audits incl. 1st level support from our legal advisers
  • Legally compliant licensing of Microsoft Office, Windows, SQL and Exchange servers
  • Rights and restrictions of Microsoft volume licensing agreements
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) to better manage your software assets

Used software from the expert.

At VENDOSOFT you get the exact number of software licenses that you actually need. New and used. Publisher-compliant and audit-safe!

For free licensing consultancy, call +49.8143.996 94-0

The VENDOSOFT range of products

Used software, new licenses and Office 365 – fulfilled by only one supplier

Virtually every company today uses personal computers and needs software to run them.
This includes operating systems, which make the computer usable to office applications or specific server applications for central databases.
The larger the company and the more computer workstations, the higher the spending will be on purchasing the requisite number of licenses.
This is reason enough for many companies to procure programs such as Microsoft Office, Windows Server or server access licenses on the secondary market,
rather than investing large sums in purchasing the latest version new.

If you opt to purchase used software, VENDOSOFT will be happy to advise you!

(All brand and product names used are the property of their respective rights holders)

Plan ahead and save!

Hospitals, health centres and other social institutions
benefit from the extremely cost-effective

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Save. Save. Save!

Local authorities, banks, institutes
and associations value the enormous savings to be made

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Win the race!

In the tough price war among logistics providers,
purchasing software at best rates ensures
competitive advantages.

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Get creative!

Advertising agencies, publishing houses, broadcasting centres
and architectural offices save a great deal of money
with used software.

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Benefit from your resources!

Energy suppliers are discovering used software for themselves
– both in purchasing and selling it at low cost.

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Added value!

IT consultants can offer the perfect service to their clients:
IT acquisition at low costs and refinancing
by selling unused licenses at once.

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The profit is in the purchase!

In manufacturing and the food, fashion and
automotive industries,
used software has long since been the trend.

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Well advised!

The hotel and tourism industry can make its way
at a low fare – with used software licenses.

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