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Buy a client access licence

A client access licence generally authorises servers to accept client connections. Different CAL licence versions are available for different servers depending on the server type. A client access licence can be assigned to either a user or a device. Experts differentiate between the User CAL and the Device CAL.

The Microsoft product range includes a wide range of applications where access to the server software is licensed separately. Some examples are Exchange Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 or Microsoft SQL Server. Most CAL licences from Microsoft have a what is known as a downgrade right. This means that they also enable the previous version to be used without restrictions. I.e. if you purchase a client access licence for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, it can also be used for the 2013 version.

Get your company on track for the future with the right CAL licence

Get smart with Windows Server CAL licensing and get your company ahead of the game. Some Microsoft suites – i.e. software bundles with different programs – are highly useful in daily use. This helps avoid expensive investments in individual licences. A complete RDS client access licence ensures that your IT systems are well equipped and fit for the future.

This CAL model integrates remote desktop services, which enable problem-free remote access to desktops and individual Microsoft applications, making it easy to set up decentralised hardware workstations. By purchasing RDS CALs, you strengthen business flexibility and increase data security in your company.

Buy RDS CALs: which licence is right for my needs?
The selection of the right CAL licence is always a question of the hardware and software used as well as the size and structure of the company.

··· A Device CAL is suitable e.g. to make a device accessible to multiple users.
··· Licensing using a Device CAL is always useful when several employees share a hardware workstation.
This may be the case, for example, in the catering trade, in the hotel industry or in retail.

··· A User CAL is the complete opposite. Here, administrators use licensing to authorise one user for any number of hardware systems. The User CAL gives the employee the permission to access the server software e.g. via laptop, smartphone and private computer. Field service employees in particular benefit from such user-dependent CAL licences.
Back-office workers who often work from home also benefit from this licensing model.

How does licensing work?

Upon purchasing a Microsoft CAL licence, you can easily manage access rights for your server. All you need is the 25-digit product key of the purchased client access licence. A client access licence package installation wizard guides you through the setup and the product key input. If required, you can also extend the access rights at this point with additional CALs. However, before entering the product key, you need to activate your server for Windows EBS (Essential Business Server). This is done with an administrator account in the Windows Activation menu item.

Buy client access licence and RDS CAL from VENDOSOFT

If you want to buy RDS CALs, the used software specialist VENDOSOFT is the right partner. Used licences offer full functionality and are generally indistinguishable from a newly purchased Windows CAL licence. If you upgrade the systems in your business, you can sell client access licences that you no longer use to us – and thus increase your IT budget. Buy your CAL licence from VENDOSOFT now and take advantage of used access authorisations for your servers. You can reach us at +49 (0) 8143-99694-0 or via our contact form.

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