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No fear of software verifications thanks to
VENDOSOFT’s Audit Emergency Hotline

IT managers and managing directors get nervous when Microsoft requests a license audit. The accompanying cover letter is worded as though the manufacturer wants to support its customers through the license verification process. What comes across as well-meaning support can become very expensive, however. This is because the goal of the request by Microsoft is to determine whether a sufficient number of licenses have been purchased for all of the computer workstations at your company. Last but not least, the process serves as a sales generator.

With the Audit Emergency Hotline, VENDOSOFT stands by companies that are facing a software publisher audit by Microsoft at their premises. We provide quick and easy assistance in identifying the number of licenses that are missing – and in correcting these with new or used software in a cost-effective manner.

Cost-free Audit Emergency Hotline

0800-000 6042

1st aid assistance

  • Cost-free professional licensing consultancy
  • Cost-free initial legal consultation by our specialist lawyer (if necessary)
  • Cost-effective relicensing
  • Mo – Th 8:00 am – 6:00 pm | Fr 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Get through the licensing audit safely

Have you been prompted to disclose your Microsoft license inventories to the software publisher?
Are you unsure if your business is fully licensed and do you dread possible back payments?
Then VENDOSOFT is by your side!

We identify your IT assets, correct under-licensing with cost-saving second-hand software – and help you through the audit.

Buy used software consulting

Our Microsoft Licensing Professionals will lead you through manufacturer-compliant licensing.

Buy used software licensing

We correct under-licensing with new or used software – before the software publisher can prosecute you.

Buy used software companionship

We are your experienced companion during the Microsoft licensing verification process.

Buy used software legislation

If necessary, we will provide you with legal assistance and will disclose the supply chain of your licenses in court.

VENDOSOFT provided excellent support during the software audit”

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What to do in the event of an audit?

  • Don’t put yourself under pressure
  • Ignore tight deadlines
  • Do not return the licensing installation overview for the time being
  • Call the VENDOSOFT Audit Emergency Hotline at:
    0800-000 6042

VENDOSOFT Audit Emergency Hotline

Is your company facing an audit by the software publisher?
With its emergency Hotline, VENDOSOFT offers comprehensive support and immediate assistance.
We advise independently, confidentially and know what to do – and what not to do!

Contact us today.

We are here to provide all the information you need to sell used software.
Personal and professional.

Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, not private individuals!

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