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VENDOSOFT is your partner for cost-saving licensing for your customers

As an IT house, reseller or IT consultant, you understand licence consulting as a natural service to the customer. When it comes to Microsoft, however, the regulations/EULA are not always easy to understand; in many cases they are very complex. Nevertheless, you would like to provide your corporate customers with the best possible software equipment at the best possible price (at which you also earn something!).

Then welcome to VENDOSOFT!

You can find an excerpt of our current price list for used Microsoft licenses here:

Price list 2024

"Why should a customer pay double or triple for software when it is so much cheaper used?"

Joachim Lang
Owner CTL Computertechnik Lang

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Your cooperation with VENDOSOFT

Customer protection is a matter of course for us. In cooperation with IT houses, VENDOSOFT acts from the ‘off’ if you wish. We advise you on how to optimally license your customer X, deliver and invoice to you – or directly to your end customer.

We make the process of licence transfer as unbureaucratic as possible. You receive audit-proof used original Microsoft licences from us with the necessary documentation and can transfer the software to your customers easily and in compliance with the law.

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Partnering with us is a win-win for all:
our resellers enjoy high margins and kickbacks –
and their customers enjoy Microsoft licenses
at bargain prices.

Joyce Studier, Microsoft SAM Professional & Microsoft Licensing Professional

Satisfied customers & more profit

Start now with VENDOSOFT for particularly favourable software procurement, attractive margins & cash backs!


Special sale at VENDOSOFT:
It doesn’t get any cheaper than this.

VENDOSOFT Abverkaufliste 2023 gebrauchte Software Lizenzen

Advantages for
VENDOSOFT resellers:

  • High availability of almost all Microsoft licences
  • Licensing advice from Microsoft Licensing Professionals
  • Legally compliant & audit-proof documentation
  • Downgrade licences for latest versions
  • Fast order processing
  • Price advantages of up to 80 % compared to new purchase or Cloud
  • Special conditions for large volumes
  • High margins & cashbacks

VENDOSOFT sets standards as